Developing the world’s first biochemical test
for the early reliable diagnosis of autism.

The Dramatic Rise of Autism

In the past few decades the prevalence of autism has risen more than thirtyfold from one in 2500 to one in 68 children. 
Much of this increase is likely due to changing diagnostic criteria. But whatever the cause, autism spectrum disorder has become one of today’s greatest paediatric health concerns.

Urgent Need for Early Diagnosis

There is currently no cure for autism.

But there is ample evidence that early intervention in the form of behavioural therapy can make a huge difference to the development of autistic children. And the earlier intervention is started, the more effective it is.
Unfortunately, most children are either misdiagnosed or diagnosed too late, often as late as school age, because currently, the only way to diagnose autism is through psychological assessment.



ASDtect will make early detection of autism possible. It can diagnose autism from a tiny drop of blood.
ASDtect uses patented biomarkers. In a first clinical study these biomarkers have shown remarkably high accuracy.

Autism Biotech is currently conducting further trials and aims to make ASDtect available in the near future.